Puppets, Vanguardistas, and Guerillas

Whenever an Avant-Garde emerges as resistant it instantly becomes part of the status-quo.

Curve begins with theory and institutional critique, curves into practice and critique, then practice and complicit. Spectrum from Service Architecture (in Practice) and Production of Culture (discipline of architecture).  Peter Eisenman gave a talk on discipline, questionable in how he view discipline. Said Yale, Princeton and Notre Dame were the sear of the right end of the spectrum and state schools were the left end of the spectrum.  “Its the role of state schools to take care of the other half, to enter the institution of practice” What is the role of state schools in the creation of and participation into discourse? Why is the State subsidizing you?

Land Grant Universities were intended to produce a educated working class.  Triple axis, Institutional resistance (Vanguardistas), Institutional Critique (Guerrillas), Institutional Control (Puppets).  Places of the Avante Garde: NY Architecture League, Van Allen Institute, Cultural Journals, MoMA.  The Safeguards (complicit). Puppets hold the economic power, institutional existence holds the cultural power, utopian idealism. Rare that someone moves against the grain.

http://encoreheureux.org/ Encore Heureux

MoMA FORECLOSED: ReHousing the American Dream


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