Behind the Affective Scene

The Ruins of Detroit, theres an emphasis on the very material qualities.

Ziggurat and the Fisher Body Plant 21, creates the ziggurat out of found bricks. The timeless aesthetic is one thats been developed and culturally constructed in the last 30 years. Slow pace of the movie, slowing down of time, extremely zoomed in atmospheres.

The work photographing Detroit comes from 2 ends. One thats about documentation, capturing a moment of the real. Journalistic photography. The second is an implication of a longer narrative. Genre of illusion.  Gregory Crewdson is using the city as real image and set for photography.  What is wanted to be questioned is the loss of intentions substituted for other intentions.

Cranbrook art school students and the DDD Project (Detroit Demolition Disneyland) They were going to be demolished anyways, did not call attention to one.

Stopping of the clock, confusion of immediacy with the reality of immediacy. How do we operate within an era of recession.

Relation aesthetics is not about producing things for people to look at, its about an interaction with the city.


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