The finical crisis, hurricane Katrina, 9/11, all examples of contemporary scars or cutters of our era.  Architecture as a field is cratering as a profession and creating a catastrophe sensibility, new kinds of problem solving. Bernie Madoff scandal, how do you really know that you have life insurance? Cause and effect could be completely decoupled and What objects do is completely different from their true reality. A crisis in the confidence of the real that accompanies a future return to the real.

The United States has been at war continuously for decades, changed the sensibility of how warfare is shown in the image “ecology.” The prevailing notion is that we ruin the environment. Many companies that ruined the environment are profiting on its mediation.

Mark Wigley says architects always have to have a theory f the city and its always an emergency city. Disciplines will invert their content as a means of self preservation. de Certeau suggests that the discipline instead of inverting their own could spread outward into large parts of the system.

WIPP Site in NM. How do you mark the site for future generations of civilizations that might stumble upon 10,000 ton nukes? “This place is best left shunned and uninhabited.”  Spike Field architecture proposed as possible ways of marking the surface of the ground saying, don’t touch this place. Off putting, dent designate a geometric center, don’t do anything to imply to future people that it was a site of importance. Don’t associate with what we would use in our own time, marked forever, defacing its value. 

Communicating to future advance civilizations who would be able to dig 700 meters.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, aka the doomsday seed vault.  Remote and subject to very slow tectonic movement. In the event of a regional or global catastrophe you would be able to regroup and re-sustain populations. 

Chosen for its lack of civilization.


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