Phenomenology & Its Afterglow

Return in the Art wold to the emotive. Premise of lecture: the modernist pursuit of phenomenology is based around nature, tectonics and space (proportions, light, color). There has been a shift in the contemporary to bio-mimicry, patterning and atmospheres.  Artificially constructed nature, all made possible by technology.

1. Transformations in applied technologies

2. Transformation in applied cognitive theories

3. Transformation in applied programs

Shift from spiritual spaces to spaces of consumption.  Theatre and Museums work into this transition.

Minimum by John Pawson. Minimum is denied as the perfection that an artifact achieves when it is no longer possible to improve to by subtraction.  Everything reduced to its essentials. Essays that try to service a certain type of architecture.  ”There are valued times in almost everyone’s experience when the world is perceived afresh”  Direct esthetic experiences of the real.

How to extract the universal out of the specific. How do you find the tree dna? . No art has ever been able to express the power and grandeur of nature by imitation.

“What is God?” “God is length, height, width depth”


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