Explicit Air

Terror from the Air, “The defining moment of modernity is our awareness of the environment” Mustard Gas Attacks, attack the environment of the person instead of the person.  Applies to a larger perceptual shift over the century.  Related to on going damage control for radiation in Japan.

Logier’s primitive hut contrasted against the campfire. Architecture as an autonomous object and structural paradigm vs the materiality of nature, light, fire wind. Once you have a better machine, the form can be freed up to take on other forms.  

Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Globe as a mirror to the world as well as the United Nations in NY. Being able to understand the scale of the universe would help better solve the problems of individual countries.  Geometry as the unseen mathematical order that connects to the human.

Variable Air Chambers acted as large lungs for the Biosphere II, provided a continuos constant atmosphere.

Contrasted with Diller + Scofidio’s Blur Building, Hanover Expo


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