Climate Control

The first AC Unit was trying to standardize moisture to control paper size.  Reyner Banham called Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin building the first Air controlled room.  Mechanical Systems repressed in the expression of the building.  Large vertical stacks at each corner, the Larkin Building is a monument to mechanical system control.

Junkspace by Rem Koolhaus. Rambling of non-hierarchical space. Deploys the infrastructure of seamlessness. Escalator, AC, sprinkler, fire shutter, hot air curtain. Interior s extensive that you rarely perceive its limits.  Downtown Athletic Club, architecture cast as the generic container, a micro-scale of his Delirious NY, a surrealist grid based on the culture of production.  John Portman + Associates, Hyatta Hotel SF, CA. The interior is heavily regulated to attempt to produce an exterior condition (similar to the one Vidler and Banham might have been referencing).    Wearing reflective sunglasses its like the curtain wall reflection of the Bonaventure. Union Carbide Building has a dissolved curtain wall boundary on the first floor. Clarity from outside read to interior space.  Lobby rendered as an extension of the city, curtain wall aligning with Vanderbilt Ave.  

First City National Bank HQ, light pyramids from above shine down on the lobby. The hidden HVAC within the truss system made famous by Louis Kahn at the Yale Art Museum.  Fulfill the modernist dream of open, efficient, universal space.  SOM’s Inland Steel Building, literally pushes the utility to the exterior like a bud of the building.

Scapes: vectors fields and surfaces. Louis Kahn’s plan for Philadelphia, slow down the car in a parking garage and allow for people to move over to public transportation.  Victor Gruen, called hardly a mega-mall urbanist.  Giant box surrounded by parking lot, a new interior “outside” atrium.  Suggests connection to bonaventure.  Nesting of individuals into ideal clusters.  The plan for ideal city corresponds to how he planned malls, effects on new urbanism.  The Union Carbide, CT where the parking lot becomes the roof. The skylights become the only way finding features on the roof deck.

Roche Dinkeloo Associates work constructs the environment for people, the architecture reinforcing the work of people in its organization of cubicles, skylights, parking lots, grid extends out above and designates the exterior/interior of the exterior. Exterior walls on the inside have mirrors and expand the interior while limiting views to the exterior.  Reproduces the pattering of the interior lighting-the bonaventure turned in on itself. Repetition creates extension of the environment. 


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