Landscapes of the Unseen

Robert Smithson’s “tour of Passaic” is comment about the post industrial banal. We think of the photograph as a straight representation from the real world, mechancical, rather than paintings, sculture etc. “Terrain Vague” emptiness or removal of occupation.  Places foreign to the urban system. Negaitve imagery as a place of possible alternative.

Park space and landscape vegitation take over the space in Landschaftpark 

What are the mechanisms and forces that start to organize land? Are landscapes part of a braoder spatial paradigm.

Alan Berger: 

Landscapes of the Unseen:

  1. Speculative Futures
  2. Operational Formats as New Landscapes
  3. Scapes: Vectors, Fields, Surfaces

Speculative futures. “Before the was the city, there was land.” The division is quite complicated. The natural and the Urban, one provideing the staging ground for the other. From William Cronon’s Nature’s Metropolis.  Cronon writes about the city as it was immagined, before it was built. People known as boosters attracted supporters and investers to a city like chicago. Map of projected urban occupation, influences the landgrabbing. Based on the percepton of the surrounding landscape as having value.

Recources are undstood as standing good for man to use to make their lives better. Useage of land as a parcled out Jeffersonian Grid.  Speculative growth, contrasted by Ai Wei Wei’s Ordos 100, Inner Mongolia. 100 architects making 100 houses on a blank canvas together. 

The landscape grid taking over the landscape.

Howevere there is always landscpae forces that cannot be integrated eaily into the grid.  Keller Eastering: on order, case study of interstate highway systems.  Projected future possibilities of the large scale and the small scale. Gernirc physcial configuration for highway designs.  Formats vs Content.  How vs What. Parallel system with the switch has the capacity for more opportunity.  Decoupling of the highway from other netwotks.  Determin the Scenic, viewer moving through the landscape. Long history of the reverse, bringing nature into the city. Scenigraphic combined with the machine.


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