Seems Full of Holes

“A thing is a hole in a Thing it is not”-Smithson.

AS the system proliferates it produces holes and lapses in the logic.  Concrete surface with some kind of pitting process. Something other perpetuates itself.

Gordon Matta Clark’s Splitting

Pleasure in being in a place of absence. Axis Mundi in the oculus at the Pantheon is a place of absence created by the hole and gap.

Landscape Medium: Space, Temporality, Substance+Materiality.  Shift from thinking about the landscape from 2d to 3d.  Landscape is that which your eye cannot grasp in a single moment. Ansel Adams photographing the American West. 

Alex Maclean, framed how difficult it is to capture an object in all its complexity in its entirety.  the idea of something vs its construct-ability.

Diagram of Napoleon’s march from Poland to Russia.  Re-Presentations. A series of Maps taking measure across the American Landscape.  Deploying projection, notation along with the material logic to understand the whole.   Landscape subject to temporal conditions. Island in the Mississippi, perpetually subject to the condition of change in the environment.

New Babylon ConstantThe black ink relative to the red, through an emotional representation.  

Landscape design have proposals with built in future change, never true right off the bat. A biology map of possibilities overtime.

Bernd + Hilla Becher. Oberhausen. two people representing different landscapes.  Contrasted against Smithson’s movement and capture in the landscape.


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