Countercultural Practices?

What are countercultures? Are they actually counter or do they lie within the culture still versus outside of it. 1. Tactics becoming strategies. 2. Architectures of the Untethered and the Engaged. 3. Futures of the SItuationist City.

1968 protests: 

Guy Debord’s Society of the spectacle. Situationists drew on surrealism to create a city within the city (more spastic, spread out.  Constant Niewenhys New Babylon. Unitary Urbanism, based on existing constructions. How do you make hard architecture out of strategies. When a strategy becomes architecture does it then become a tactic?

Play theory, something that can defy the social order, homo-luden. Playground creates the counterculture through the bottom up creation of space for play.

Materialisation of the experience of the street inside, above the ground. Recreate wandering in the city.

Ant Farm + Archigram (Consumer society vs critical distance)

Detournement/Media takeover, pop culture is a politicized medium



Ant Farm (Media Event, not a moment, more of a play on the media tactics of the time) The speed of the media, surrounding the moon landing and image control.

Psychedelics, the inflatable bubble. Creating an altered mental state. 

Mobility. Plugin CIty

The upward movement of the city is built into the infrastructure. Architecture with th capacity to be upgraded, like one’s cell phone.

Tom Wolfe’s Merry Pranksters and The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

Fat City, one sided consumption, Rock City forage to meet minimal needs, Edge City culture shock, Real City time can be manipulated.

Truckstop Tour and Truckstop Network. (Volunteers offering their skills lands or goods for the traveling Ant Farm)


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