The Spectacle of Architecture


Counter-culture movements as examples of alternatives histories of the 20th century.

1. The totality of images, the fact that we live in a social construct (implies an edge to that construct that we can straddle and walk outside of. The allegory of the cave, shadows projected on the wall, unable to understand what is reality. It is entirely preconditioned from birth. 

Guy Debord’s spectacle is what is dominating the world. Time Square billboards, larger than lifer, literally. “The spectacle is capital to such a degree of accumulation that it becomes and image”-Society of the Spectacle.

The Society of the Spectacle, one of the texts responsible for the student and worker protests of ‘68. Individuals have lost the genuine experience because of the overblown spectacle.

The Matrix is equivalent to the society of the spectacle. Those wearing glasses (spectacles, haha) in the matrix are the ones who know the reality. Red vs Blue Pill, ignorance is bliss vs knowing about the construct. 


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