States of Exemption

State of exemption and the city. Zoe The simple life internet to every living being, Bios the qualified life or the political life, exists in the realm of the polis of the city. Family dinner vs the town hall meeting.  All living beings may have a voice, but not all have a language.

All western politics are synonymous with biopolotics. Ford having regulated the lives of his workers rendering zoe and bios as one.

Zoe+Bios, excluded, one within the other, overlapping without distinction (Camp)

bios and zoe, right and fact, Enter into a zone of irreducible indistinction.

Homo Sacer, man who may be killed but not sacrificed.    The city is digressing into a sprawl of urban camps, creating an interior urbanism. Camps appear as megablocks.  Camps such as schools and hospitals, fail to add to economy through their tax exemption. due to size and abundance camps are replacing the city due to their political and economic clout.

Architect’s new duty is to act as a mediator between camps and the end urbanism, not to get rid of the camp system as a whole.  Large megablocks in Detroit are camps within the urban environment.

Have the ability to highly choreograph movement into Detroit. Can enter a specific interior urbanism without having to experience the rest of the urban fabric. Different laws in the casinos and have their own police force.  Can drive in, got to parking deck and get into casino without ever having to really step foot on detroit ground.

Hospital is a prime example of the spatial ordering and administering of life (biopolotics). Once a place to remove and replenish people back to health, diseased populations.  Now biological beings are rendered as patients who need to be cured.  Cure rather than remove from the city.

Spending time in hospitals is supposed to make you feel more life you’re on leave from life, on the road to recovery rather than a place.  Doctor’s now working as authority figures regulating the time and space of patients.  Ultimate realization of biopolitics is that you cannot die in a hospital without someone signing off on it in a hospital.

DMC is the larges not government employment provider in the city. DMC functioned as a non-profit center until Jan 2011 when they sold their debts/bonds ect. to Vanguard for 1.5 billion. They pledged $800 million in improvements.  Now that it is for profit it still operates as a state of exemption with tax exemption because it is being built up as a “Renaissance Zone.”


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