Urbanism is not the City

Taget ad that toys with figure ground, historically bowling has been a blue collar sport.

This lecture is focused on moving from cities to suburbs saying that they are now the new paradigm of the social condition of America.

Edmund Bacon’s drawings of Rome show the public space carved out of the urban fabric, streets are rendered in white as well as the interior of buildings. American space on the other hand is carved out of empty space in the suburb. A new spatiality has been created by the big box store that dominates the suburban landscape.

A mall vs Houston Downtown show how parking lots become the familiar condition through suburbia.  Theres a shift to the suburb. You go to the city to see a baseball game, no longer to shop/live.  Urbanism’s process have made the city a suburb of itself. This is a result of the globalization of capital markets and the exploding labor negotiations (possibly a political factor here as well).

Tendencies of post-fordist production include: flattening of hierarchies into horizons, decentralization, self organization, sharing of information, teamwork, hybrid conglomerates, outscoring, mutability and mobility are seen as positives.

Simmel say the city = intellect = money. Now it is Urbanism=intellect=moneybags.

National Highway act of 1956 flattened out the ground to create a uniform section across the landscape.  Banks prefer to give loans to single family homes. Now television is acting as stimulation filling the void of the white space created through a lack of communication and interaction.

Big Box-Decorated Shed

Category Killer-Home Depot

Power Center-Big Box squaring off

LuLu-locally unwanted land use.


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