Density of Emptiness

Detroit is unique in its cycles of growth and decay. It take place in a process of constructing space around its larger objects like Zumthor’s Gugalun Home. The space under the table or the chair.

Man is being constructed by the city around him.  Talking about the way objects produce space around them, not only inside of them.

The figure ground relationship present in an unravelling Detroit by 1944.  Addition of large consolidated blocks where the focus in Detroit is on producing more last year than we did the year before.  Limiting factor is how fast we can build something up. We have created a culture of replaceable parts, labor is a part.

Spacial Objects coincide with the configuration of production. What might be the next organization of production. Social regime standardization.

Detroit uses Woordward’s plan as a node with radial relations speeding through the diagonal of the city.

We have in the destruction of buildings an unauthorized ground left bare with the anguish of departure and it leaves behind a melancholy mystery of a street.  We think that if we engage in a process of unbuilding, if we run the tape back we can fix the problems.

Klien Group Diagram


Bifurcation of space. For Detroit: Rethink how a city might be formed let the capitalist regime retying and reinvent the city.


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