Henry Ford & Albert Kahn: the Architecture of Production Response

Being from the Detroit Metropolitan area I have a direct connection to the method of production which the city lives and dies by.  Henry for did a lot of good for a lot of people, as a business man he provided jobs which in turn fed families and helped build an entire city, in fact he build several cities as suburbs popped up around Detroit.  Ford’s methods of production also had hugely negative effects and in my area references to that are deemed almost blasphemous.  It could be said that his mass production techniques helped to produce the mass consumer culture we have today which relies on creating the largest profit margin possible and does so at the cost of underpaid labor at home as well as abroad.  Moreover the quality and craft of products declined tremendously.  I mentioned this in an earlier response about people caring about design less and less in their homes and caring more about clothes, cars etc.  I think Ford opened the door to that way of thinking, that your things don’t need to be as well made so long as they’re as good as your neighbors or so long as you have more of them.  


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