Perspectives on Cities Response

There was definitely a shift in cities though modernity which brings me to my response’s premise.  Modernity was characterized by the shift after the industrial revolution. I believe the information revolution and media revolution have had an equally large impact on our cities construction, namely to say that cities are places without boundaries now.  Google Street View allows us to “walk” the entire world should we choose and were becoming less and less reliant on spatial conditions in the city to keep the economic seat held in the spatial confines of the finical district.  

For this reason I would lean towards the city as being a spatialization of social and cultural forms.  However where they once acted in producing institutions created by space I think we will see them slowly start to decelerate as communication and the social structure of how we do business is changing. I think were going to find the city’s survival as dependent on the amount of stimulation it can provide and if people want that stimulation over what they can access over the internet. 


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