Aggregations & Ideologies

“Do No Harm”

Fisher advocates for architects doing pro-bono work. But when is architecture responsible for the outcomes of what happens in places where this work is provided and when is it used as a scapegoat for other problems. The “Corb made me do it argument.”

“La Haine”- French film profiling the problems of minorities in Paris. 

Modernism becomes a signifier for multiple things. Corb’s Unite d’Habitation as an example of architecture of mass housing.  Concerned about the relationship to the landscape, relationship to the sun light, mixed use, mixed income and has a regional context that is lacking in other large scale housing projects especially in America. His form was hijacked and bastardized, then people blame the bastard child of Corb and Corb himself.

Access to public services of education, transportation, libraries etc.

We need to compare apples to apples in stead of Unite’s to Igoe’s.

Simmel says we are overstimulated from an abstract quantitive world. Or we can see this as over dependence on identification with a community.

Jacques Tati’s “Playtime” an example of modernisms spread and the city mentality.

“Playtime” and “Mon Oncle” comments on socially constructed spaces between modernity and its predecessor. 

Small town vs metropolis. Solidarity————Liberty specturm embeded in that distinction.

What is the combination of society and bottom up if form and top down is zoning, society and top down is economic commonality grouping and form and bottom up is vernacular settlements?


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