Aggregations & Ideologies Response

First of all I quite liked the spacial diagram of where my freedom lies between my internal ethics and the external extent of the law.  Though I would amend it to include something to the effect of an economic slide bar which comes across the diagram as a whole because most of our freedom, or a large potion of it is derived by what our economic stability is.

Also the notion of architecture as a reason behind social problems is interesting.  While I will not credit Corb with violence in Pruit-Igo I will say that Minoru Yamasaki did a poor job of taking into account all the things that Corb did and as a result Pruit-Igoe acted as a catalyst, and an accelerator of the problems currently in place.  What happened at Pruit-Igoe would have happened anywhere given the demographics forced to live in the conditions they did with enough time. It just happened more quickly and to a large extent in Pruit-Igoe.


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