Public Practice: A Private Interest? Response

The reason for why architect only build for the top 1% is not because they’re holding out for large projects.  If there were an untapped potential to build homes and make money off of the bottom 50% architects would have done it if they could. Instead contractors and engineers took on the task of mass producing small, cheap homes for people.  So while it’s easy to say that they undercut us by producing more affordable but less aesthetic homes I’m going to propose another answer to why architects aren’t building homes for the 99% and that is that people don’t care about architecture, especially not blue collar families.  A large portion of the population either isn’t effected by their surrounding conditions or doesn’t care enough about them to desire better ones.  A prime example of this can be found in urban communities where people will drive cars equivalent to over half the value of their home, or they wear more expensive homes than their means support.  At the end of the day many lower class citizens prefer immediate gratification rather than saving their money in order to pay for better designed homes.  This is at the core of why architects aren’t going out and building well designed homes for anyone other than upper-middle class families and large multinational corporations.


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