Private Practice: A Public Duty?

Doctors and Lawyers all have ways of giving back to society. Pro bono work in both fields. Not for profit etc.

Without utilizing a social contract it is difficult to argue for monopoly autonomy within society.

There are four choices architects can make in terms of the field and its connection to humans.

  1. “I will not do”- these architects engaging in thinking about architecture only, notable students of this school of thought are Eisenman and Venturi.
  2. “I should only do”- we should only do what we know how to do, we aren’t involved in social politics.
  3. “I can only do”- Architects are only focused on what their clients want, it is their job to produce for the need of the client only. The “architecture can only do so much” argument.
  4. “I will do”- These architect are involved in community design and public interest. Sam Mockbee says it is our job to provide for others, Architecture must do for the common goal.

Robert taylor builds homes on either side of I-94 building high rise for african americans and low-rise homes in chicago for Irish Americans.  A Pruit-Igoe comparison is drawn and the architect comes under fire.

“Corb made me do it”


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