Private Practice: A Public Duty? Response

At present my current views on architecture’s connection to the other half of society are still being formed.  What I do know is that architecture has generally done a very poor job of helping those already in need. Larger social structures tend to be unchangeable for architects. That is to say that architects can only produce for the other half when the other half is being taken care of well enough, otherwise we tend to exacerbate the problem. For this reason I don’t think it is the architect’s place to provide answers to social problems, we may not be as qualified as those with more power so why not strive for bettering other aspects like sustainability, something with a lot less free will and far more controllable and consistent than people.

Let others worry about housing conditions or better yet let the people bring themselves out of the poverty of such horrible conditions.  To some end there is self accountability in what economic state you find yourself in and what kind of housing you can provide.  Medicine doesn’t really have this equivalent because economic status has less to do with frequency of disease to an extent.  So while it is often seen incumbent on us to aid our fellow man in health care it is less so for us to provide housing of the highest quality.


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