The Figure of the Architect

Architecture is a form of resistance

Architects work at a distance from what they are actually doing, making space. Strangeness of buildings in that distance. Irrelevance and other forms of collapse are present in the architect’s work.

The city is a series of transitions (transactions) and processes and here we have an architecture increasingly concerned with fixing things.  Traditional architecture tried to produce stabilities and stabilize cultural flow (this is where the field of urban planning arrises). Tradition brings with it hierarchical arrangements of space and people.  Peter Zumthor’s thermal baths a Vals were focused only on the water stone and light.

They talk, a lot. And some talk more than they do anything else (paper architects, critics).

Ecological Urbanism, Exodus, House VI, Sixth St House, Daniel Libeskind’s Chamber Works.

“Architecture is like striking a match to watch it burn”

The myth of Daedalus where the Minotaur must be housed in a labyrinth, a kind of first architect.

Architecture is a looping story of collapse where something is always fragile, something is always broken or falling a part and wee need a building to fix it.


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