A Title is not a Lecture

Message is made up of several parts, the sender, the context, the reviewer (audience) cannel and code.

1. Representation 101

2. The Semiotic Cut

3. Politics+Mediation

4. Semiotic Mises-en-abmye (placed into abyss)

A+B=C, defines seeing something as a shortcut. All variables in math are an abstraction. Man who instead of saying “Five hundred” he would say a.  Story of the man who remembered everything of everyday and must use shortcuts to tell stories.

This idea of abstracting things to simplicity through characters or shortcuts is essential because we do not have an infinite memory.  The President of the USA is an abstraction of all Americans, stands for all of us wether we like it or not. Brick painted on stucco, no brick to begin with.

The dishonesty of sculpting a stone. Straddling the line of representation and immediacy.

Referent image casts a shadow and becomes index (footprint), The Icon itself (metaphor), and the symbol (no code no understanding)


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Architecture Undergrad University of Michigan

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