Mind Games

Thesis: Post-structuralsim is a continuation of, not a ejection of, structuralism.

Robert Rauschenberg was a painter who erased a drawing of de Kooning and in doing so starts the conversation about representation and image. Representation, architecture and art are all dealing with the spectrum between Experience and Communication.  Architecture goes through swings between these two ends of the spectrum and the swings are in modernity becoming more severe and more quickly oscillating between the two. If modernity was concerned with Phenomenology then po-mo is concerned with Semiotics (meaning).

Roddier proposes that architects fall along an x/y grid between conceptual and practical in the x and resistant and complacent in the y. Structuralism falls on the hard end of Resistant and Conceptual.

The structure of sign systems is the main concern of structuralists.

Gerhart Richter paintings Sea Scape (1970) and Red Blue Yellow (1972)

Creating a painting of an image of an image in order to better understand the confines of the 2D surface of painting.

Big Painting #6

Exaggeration of the brush stroke, representation of paint on a canvas.

The American Flag as a symbol of representation in many ways.

Ferdinand Saussure (linguist) comes up with Signifier+Signified=Sign

Roland Barthes (semiology and cultural studies) says theres a connotative meaning and the process is more complex: Signifier+Signified=Sign=Signifier+Signified=Sign… ect

Transition from Most immediate to Least: Myth, Symbol, Alibi, Mythologist, Studying the abstract context of history in this course

Michael Foucault says that knowledge produces power and that it can exclude, repress, censor, abstract, mask or conceal

Jacques Derrida thoughts on representation: your self presence is most immediate, then speech as a supplement then a supplement to that is writing.

Nature and culture as cyclical


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